Need Help with Breastfeeding Your Baby?

Most people imagine that breastfeeding should be instinctive, normal and natural; so why do so many new mothers have problems with breastfeeding? Why are you more likely to hear that it is really painful, frustrating, stressful and exhausting?


Unfortunately, in many cases, what happens during delivery and in the early newborn period can have an enormous impact on the success of initiating breastfeeding, and through no fault of the mother, she may encounter problems which seem overwhelming and the whole experience is nothing like she imagined or hoped for.


However, with the right help and support, most mothers can get to where they want to be; it may take a few weeks, but ultimately it should be their choice whether they breastfeed their baby for days, weeks, months or years....

Breastfeeding Solution

If you have any of the problems above, you might want to engae a certified lactation consultant.



This article is contributed by Wendy Deshpande of Breastfeeding Solutions. Wendy is a registered nurse and certified lactation consultant.


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