Event Planning 101* - #1 Finding the Right F&B Caterer

Have you ever been to an event where the guests leave disatisfied with the food catered because its taste & presentation lack appeal? Don't let the quality of food affect your event.


The right caterer can make or break a get-together, so if you don’t have a trusted favorite, some research & proper selection are necessary to plan your perfect gathering.


F&B Caterer


Think of what you’d like to do & how many guests you anticipate; then, establish a realistic budget. Select the date for the event & think about the concept or theme you want. Some events are more casual, such as household events: housewarming, birthday, baby shower, anniversary, etc. Events held at special venues require more planning. Whichever it is, Four Seasons Group has fabulous menus that your guests would love to savour.


F&B Caterer


As part of the Four Seasons Group, Gustos is a trusted specialist in wedding catering, with the ability & flexibility in handling any wedding reception, luncheon or dinner, whether it is for large or small weddings. Gustos' renowned chefs have created a wide variety of sumptuous menus - Asian or Western, to suit every taste & budget.


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